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Join Ralph Kramden at Honeymooners Slots

AC Coin and Slots bought the television franchise of Honeymooners for their video slot machine Honeymooners. This slot machine works on a 3-reel and a single line game that includes the 3 credit Buy-a-Pay option. International Gaming Technology distributes this slot machine.

Honeymooners Slots The Mix and Match Game

The Honeymooners slots offer a Mitch and Match Game bonus round. In this version, the reels turn to create an image of a personality from head-to-toe. If you match the right versions of Ralph collectively, you win big cash. Ralph is featured here in three personalities namely: Ralph the bus driver, Ralph wearing his uniform at Raccoon Fraternal Hotel and Ralph wearing his golf attire.

When you strike the right combination, the slot machine initiates a sound tract from your much loved Honeymooners episode. Certainly, you also win extra money. Incidentally, Ralph Kramden picture as golfer is so ridiculous and the most stupid picture I've ever encounter on a slot machine. Thousands of fans of The Honeymooners will like and enjoy The Honeymooners slots.

Honeymooners Slots To the Moon Bonus round

Another bonus game of Honeymooners slots is the 'To the Moon" bonus game. Acquiring a Honeymooner symbol on a payline will activate this bonus round. You'll be delighted to hear and watch Ralph in a number of of his more animated moments on the show, typically when he's on to blow a gasket. Keep in mind that you have to put the maximum wager to trigger this game.

Retro 3-Reel Honeymooners Slots

While The Honeymooners is an online video slots game, it maintains the standard look of a typical and classic 3-reel game. This slot is perfectly set-up and complied with the subject matter. People who take pleasure in the entertainment value of this licensed television show should not worry at all. The Honeymooners slots have more than its contribution of video clippings and several i-slots features.

The Honeymooners

Don't confused Honeymooners the television show with another wacky movie starring Cedric the Entertainer. The Honeymooners slots games bring us back to the old school, with Jackie Gleason and his bunch of friends. The Honeymooners was one of the pioneering great situational comedies (sitcoms) shows on television, gaining popularity at a time television medium was still in its infancy.

Art Carney and Jackie Gleason were considered one of the great comedy tandems of the 20th century. This was when television uses the old style. Ralph Kramden regularly joked about whipping his wife to the moon!, at the same time as Ralph's lovely wife Alice, in addition to the neighbors, Trixie and Norton, continually prodded fun at Ralph's chubbiness.