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A Brief History of Slot Machines

Slot Machine History: Liberty Bell

The first slot machine was born in San Francisco, California in the late 1800s. It was the brain child of a young mechanic named Charles Fey. He created a game housed in a cast iron casing with three reels inside. These reels had several symbols painted on them - horseshoes, playing cards and bells. The machine was activated by inserting a nickel coin into a slot. It paid out at various amounts for various winning symbols, ranging from two coins for a pair of horseshoes to twenty coins for three bells lined up. A bell would also ring when the player won. It was for this reason that the slot machine was christened the Liberty Bell.

Slot Machine History: The Silent Bell

Slot machines were illegal during Fey's time, but he continued to produce it and others followed suit. In 1910, the Mills Novelty Company introduced several improvements upon the Liberty Bell. They used fruit symbols now familiar to us all, as well as wooden casings which cost less than cast iron. This slot machine also made less noise than the original Liberty Bell.

Slot Machine History: Slots in Casinos

Slot machines came into widespread use in the 1930s and 1940s. Bugsy Siegel, the legendary mobster, included slots in his casino, the Flamingo Hilton. At the time slots were meant only for the wives and girlfriends of male gamblers who were playing at the tables. Prizes were usually in the form of candies and chewing gums. The "bar" symbol still commonly seen in slots today were actually symbols for chewing gums in the old days.

Slot Machine History: Increasing Popularity

Yet time proved that slots have an even wider appeal among players. When the 1980s rolled in, slots were on equal footing with table games when it came to popularity. Today what was a mere afterthought to the casinos of Siegel's time is now the houses' primary source of revenue. Since the 1990s, slots have been earning some 70-80% of casinos' total income, beating all other games put together.

Slot Machine History: Modern Slots

Slots today use a random number generator set its odds and payoff rates. The ability of this device to handle numbers is infinite, so now casinos can set any odds they want. It allows for bigger jackpot prizes that its inventors could never have dreamed of. Millions of dollars can now be won in a single spin. And with the advent of video slots, slots now have even more entertaining features and special effects, which only make them more popular.

Slot Machine History: Slot Comps

Casinos recognize the value of slots by offering the slot club card to slot players. The slot card system rewards loyal players of slots with various comps (free stuff) such as free drinks, buffets, tickets, hair cuts, invitations, free gifts and a host of other amenities. In fact, it is no longer the high rolling baccarat players that are the main target of the comp system; rather it is the middle class slot players who provide the bread and butter of casinos today.

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