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Progressive Slots

You can play progressive slots in online casinos and usually they offer huge jackpots which are quite larger than ones at standard slot games. The reason why they are larger is the fact that odds for winning mega jackpot like Mega Moolah is smaller than chance to hit it on flat slot machine. Of course this doesn't discourage players because everyone wants to hit a huge jackpot which can really change their life.

How does it works? To be able to offer this huge jackpots top casinos online have linked together in a group which add a percentage of the money played on their slot machine to make up the progressive jackpot. On this way player who play on for example Microgaming casino and hit the winning symbol will get the jackpot accumulated by players from all Microgaming casinos.

One thing to consider in case you are looking to earn some money in casino is the fact that odds on this type of slots are not so good as the ones on the regular slots, but it's hard to get rid of the excitement they offer.

So if fun is what you are looking for then search for the big ones and we hope that you are the one that will hit the BIG.