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Denver Duck Golden Egg Quest

Denver Duck slot machine is among the many video slots game recently designed by International Gaming Technology. For those players who are searching for huge paylines game and up to date animation, this slots game is for you. The full title of this slot machine is Denver Duck's Search for Golden Egg Slots.

You might be wondering, what or who Denver Duck is, let us put it this way, Denver duck is a cross between Indiana Jones and Daffy Duck. My guess is that the designers of this slots game sought an alternative name for their adventurous character.

Denver Duck Slots Plot

Denver Duck and the Quest for the Egg slots go after the heroics of a funny duck, a hunter of ancient relics who is wearing a fedora hat. He utilizes a worn out compass plus his common sense to search his latest trophy, the Golden Egg. Go help Denver find the egg and he will aid you get the 50,000 coins jackpot.

Denver Ducks Slots Specs

Denver Duck is a 5-reel with 15-playline slot machine. The utmost credits bet on a spin are 75 credits. A maximum wager of 75 coins will qualify you to the 50,000 coins jackpot. A 75 cents maximum bet is all you need for this penny slots game. Denver Duck slots are part of International Game Technology's "Perfect Pennies" slot machines. Nickel slots version is also available.

Denver Duck slot machine is a typical S2000 video model of International Gaming Technology slots gamesI. It applies the "reel touch" function, which aids you steer the game easier and quicker.

Denver Duck Multipliers and Bonus Games

Denver Duck Slots goes with a bonus game, complete with video clips that are enhance and entertaining. Multipliers are also available in this game.

The Denver Duck Icons

The bonus game is activated when you collect three or four Denver Duck icons. Hitting five symbols will win you the top prize.

The Golden Egg bonus Round

As soon as this bonus game is activated, players look for and dig up from the sands the golden egg. Depending on how many elusive eggs it could muster to trigger the extra round, players are given several options of starting points to excavate along the long beach. If you select the right spot, after that you triumph in the bonus game.

Denver Duck Slots Graphics

The machine's graphic artwork is beautiful, one of the best I've ever encounter on a video slot machine. Its 15-inch monitor is overflowing with 3D animation, which becomes so realistic during the "quests" part of the game.