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The Thrilling Evel Knievel Slot

An interesting game that features exciting acts of a popular daredevil, Evel Knievel Slot is one of the enjoyable and entertaining slot variation that gamblers can try in numerous live and online casinos. This slot version is attractive and fascinating because it presents selected video recordings of live stunts that Evel Knievel has performed in the past years. To increase our understanding about the special features of Evel Knievel Slot, let us have a look at the game's basic aspects and elements.

Evel Knievel Slot Machine Overview

Developed by International Game Technology and distributed by Game King, the typical Evel Knievel 5-reel slot machine has 15 pay lines and colorful graphics. In addition, this video slot variation features a flexible maximum bet mode, which means that both high stakes and low stakes players can try this slot variation. The game's jackpot prize is 10,000 coins, which shows that this slot version is really attractive to gamblers who want to win big cash prizes.

The Evel Knievel Slots Scatter Icon

The game features a scatter bonus game that is triggered by daredevil icons. When these icons occupy reels one, two as well as three, the bonus game starts and a video of a stadium full of wavering fans appears on the screen. Players must press the jump button to let Evel Knievel's motorbike takes off from the ramp.

Players have to jump over a column of cars and each successful jump is rewarded with bonus coins plus the opportunity to continue playing the bonus game. Meanwhile, the bonus round will be over if players miss a single jump. As a consolation, players still earn additional bonus credits even if they do not win at the extra round.

The Evel Knievel Slots X-Ray Icons

Three X-Ray icons on any of the machine's reels activate the X-Ray bonus round. From a set of X-ray pictures, players should pick one image, which reveals a corresponding coin value. These icons can also be used as wild symbols to give players a bigger chances to trigger other bonus rounds in the slot variation.

The Evel Knievel Slots Ramp Icon

When Evel Knievel slots ramp icons appear in a straight line from the second reel up to the fourth reel, the Reality Check extra round is activated. A video of Evel Knievel's signature jumps appear on the machine's screen. Players gets some amount of bonus coins by just watching any of these stunts.